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FREENET.AM may shut down!
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Exclamation FREENET.AM may shut down!

Posted by Katy on January 27th


Via Notes from Hairenik, the Armenian Freenet, which has been around since 1997 (I myself was one of their first 1000 users!!), is in the middle of a crisis. It has always been funded by UNDP. UNDP no longer wants to fund it. I’d bet that there is something going on — either there was only a 10-year plan for support OR UNDP needs to put more money toward Millenium Development Goal attainment. I’m doing a little research to see what’s up. Garo’s page has more information on the current situation. Thanks Garo for sharing the news.

UPDATE: One explaination may be that 2005-2009 is a new funding cycle for UNDP. The guide to UNDP activity in Armenia, located here, is of some assistance in understanding - they mention the PRSP and MDGs… very important. How do they justify the freenet in terms of poverty reduction? Since that is the worldwide development focus at this time, a lot of their funding has to go towards it. (I’m not saying that I agree with that, but this is the way that development aid works.) Here’s one illustrative quote:
“…goal of reducing economic, social and political inequality by focusing on
three national priorities: a) laying the foundation for sustainable
socially-oriented growth; b) promoting accountable, transparent and effective governing institutions; and c) supporting sound management of natural resources.”

The rest of the document reads like a anthology of songs in praise of supporting PRSPs and MDGs.

The last 2 pages of the document give a basic budget for UNDP Armenia
activities. As such, I can see, sadly, why the freenet can’t be funded anymore by UNDP.

Don’t blame them - blame the World Bank, IMF, and the UN for having this be
their development agenda… at least in this era of development they’re actually talking with the government and NGOs about planning and implimentation.

Garo gives more information about possible brainstorming on other sources of
funding. It doesn’t look like any of the major funding agencies are going to be
able to put it on their plates… perhaps a private donor will come out of the
woodwork? I can only hope so.

Ответ: FREENET.AM may shut down!
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Default Ответ: FREENET.AM may shut down!

Ни в коем случае не умаляя роли freenet-а в прошлом, мне кажется что Freenet давно надо закрыть. Он морально устарел.

Следует только оставить mail и hosting (хотя этот hosting ни на что кроме кляпания примитивных homepages непригоден). И думаю что спонсора для этого найти не так уж и сложно

Re: FREENET.AM may shut down!
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Default Re: FREENET.AM may shut down!

Фринетовский хостинг подходит для быстрой передачи небольших файлов А так он обходится дороже, чем обычный инет.

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