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New Yahoo! Mail interface
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Post New Yahoo! Mail interface

How do you like the new interface of Yahoo! Mail ?

Is it better or you wish to go back to the old one?

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Ochen milo............kakraz podxodit pod XP,
udobno sdelan attachment..........no esli ne gonyatsya za modoi........stari bil ludshe.......ili mojet ya privikla.......i potom mne etot toje ponravitsya.............
...xotya internet bez izmennei eto uje ne internet...........
....nadeyus chto vse k ludshemy!

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mne tozhe star@y interface kak-to bol'she po dushe..a mozhet delo priv@chki

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Just took a look at new interface today morning. Here are my impressions:

1. They added "Search Mail" functionality, which is pretty useful.
2. They still didn't added "Invert Selection" function, which I would like "Yahoo Mail" to have. For example:
Usually, when one clean his/her mailbox, he/she needs to check all items, going to be deleted. But, very often there are much more items to erase, than to keep. So, it would be easyer to mark items, needs to be kept, invert selection and press "Delet Marked" (Or, alternativelly, it will be nice to have "Delete Unmakred" functionality).

By the way, maybe I'm not familiar with mailbox cleaning techniques... How people, usually, do it? Any advanced tricks?

Take care,
Hovhannes Tumanyan,

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Inch Yahoo i interface i masin a xosq@ gnum ?
mail.yahoo.com ?

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Депутат АрмОГ
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designer luchshe stal. a kak ona rabotaet etshe ne proboval.


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