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2 кандидата в депутаты парламента Голландии вычеркнуты из списка за отрицание геноца
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Default 2 кандидата в депутаты парламента Голландии вычеркнуты из списка за отрицание геноца

Два кандидата в депутаты парламента Голландии, турки по происхождению, были вычеркнуты из предвыборного списка за отрицание генодица армян в османской Турции. Примечательно то, оба из них ранее в интервью голланским СМИ признавали и осуждали факт геноцида, однако у себя на родине, в Турции, продолжали всячески отрицать его даже в прессе. Полная новость на голландском и ее компьютерный перевод на английском.

The party governing boards of CDA and PvdA have yesterday obtained candidate kamerleden of Turkish source of the list of candidates because of thorough disagreements concerning the Armenian question.
CDA decided at night that the candidates Tonca were (at place 35) and Elmaci (56ste) to no longer maintain on the list of candidates. Direct reason was an interview in the Turkish daily Sabah in which them their old point of view took that no talk there again has been of genocide on the armeniërs. Last week they still conformed themselves in a special declaration to the official point of view of CDA which has been committed people assassination organised on the armeniërs. But two denied yesterday in the Turkish newspaper that them that done had.

At the PvdA the Turkish Dutchman Erdinc Sacan of was crossed out the concept list of candidates. He had returned according to party President Michiel van Hulten of its support to PvdA-standpunt. Sacan stood 53ste on the list. Van Hulten: „It an appalling difficult decision has been. But zat nothing else. Sacan shared no longer our conception concerning the genocide. We have been politically not credible if we him on the list would have let stand.”

Reason was the reporting in faithful, which the candidate a Internet site managed, on which especially Turkish nationalists the trom stirred and where the Armenian genocide was denied.

Van Hulten: , Erdinc Sacan are a talented man of 27 years which are in prison between two cultures and whom does not want choose. We regret that we this had take decision.’’

Within the PvdA more local politicians of Turkish source are who think net this way as Sacan. Van Hulten says however that it to PvdA-afdelingen are about that contract the conversation with people concerned. Sacan were yesterday not contactable for comment.
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