US losing IT edge
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Wink US losing IT edge

Government policies and an archaic public education system are contributing to the erosion of America’s competitive edge in the information technology market, according to an IT expert, who said U.S. universities should look to Canada for example.

“At a time when we are experiencing massive economic expansion, our schools are not graduating as many high school students as we’re supposed to,” said Dr. James Goodnight, CEO of SAS Institute Inc., a Cary, NC-headquartered business intelligence (BI) software leader, during his keynote speech at a SAS conference in Las Vegas dubbed Better Management Live.

Goodnight said only 69 per cent of American students graduated from high school last year, according to a recent survey conducted by Achieve Inc., a U.S.-based non-profit bi-partisan organization working to raise education standards in America.

An educator and technology futurist views Goodnight’s statements as positive, and agrees the American education model needs to be revamped.
Мадмазель, Медам, Месье! "Глория" меняет курс и направляется в Кейптаун! Кому это не нравится будет расстрелян на месте. (с)

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Ну да, конечно. А Google, Microsoft и т.д. ни в счет.

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...Интел, АМД,...

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не ну средненькие амер ВУЗы по ИТ наклонности хуже даже ПТУ, нет гарантии что студент не схалтурил /типа заказал работу кому нить или скачал с инета/, тока не врубаюсь нафига они идут учится если им это не нужно, армия то им не грозит, а с таким говенным арсеналом знаний и опыта хрен куда устроются на работу.

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