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Canadian Figure Skating and Armenian Music
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Joie De Vivre
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Default Canadian Figure Skating and Armenian Music

Jeff Buttle won the 1st place (2007 Canadian NATS FS) for his beautiful and professionally performed program. The music he had chosen is a compostition of Armenian melodies.
What is amazing (apart from the complexity of the program) is the fact that he was able (IMHO) to understand and incorporate the sole of Armenian music into his dance.

"Masterpiece!" said a commentator and I cannot help but agree with this statement

You can watch it here and hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I did:

(pls, замените hxxt на http и скопируйте ссылку,
the system doesn't allow me doing that (why??? HELP!!!) :
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inch lava parum eee
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դուդուկ, զուռնա... վախխ

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