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Post What do you think?

Dear forum participants I need your replies!

Ok the situation is the following. I am working in a sphere where I have to come across many non-Armenians and Diaspora Armenians form all over the world. So some time ago I wasinvoted to a lecture where a French women was delivering a lecture on Armenian culture to students of University (I will not specify which )
so what happened is that in her lecture she said that because there are a lot of Armenians around the world, Armenians whose culture went through assimilation there IS NO PURE ARMENIAN CULTURE!!!

the outcome of such a remark was that the students got really wilde and they started fighting but hte sas thing about all this was that she was supported by an American Armenian! So they started arguing and it was really offensive for the Armenians sitting there!

what do you think can someone who doesn't really know your nation come and say that Komitas muic is Turkish oriented or your culture is Iranian not Armenian?

what do you think there is no Armenian pure culture? Note I am not talking about what happened in recent years!
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Na samom dele daje v samoy Armenii ostalos' malo lyudey, imeyushix predstavlenie o svoey kul'ture... 4to uj govorit' ob otshepencax?

Regrads, Bupyc
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Originally posted by Natali:
Dear Natali,

It's so STUPID of her telling such a thing!! Of course there is NO ANY PURE CULTURE because everything is interrelated, especially CULTURES of different nations, every nation and every culture is a part of the World culture....

Many nations would have dreamed about having what Armenia has...

Can you please ask her if there is PURE French English, Italian, Russian or EVEN Ancient Greek Culture????

It's a pity that such people are assigned to deliver lectures on a "CULTURE" topic.. Very upsetting

I wouldn't be surprised if she occured not to know what classicism, Renascence, and etc. is and having no idea of intercultural relations ...

note that posing this topic you again have mixed "New Topic" and "Post a Poll" buttons ...

with kindest regards ,

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ya znayu sleduyushee:
nalichie pismennogo yazika opredeyaet ee istoriyu, ee nachalo. do Mesropa Mashtoca est' utverjdeniya chto u armyan ne bilo swoey pismennosti. ne berus' nazivat' dati, sravnivat' ikh, no istina pokhoronena imenno tam w nachale pismennogo yazika. kto prav a kto net pust' reshayut sud'yi.. ya ne sud'ya..
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Skazhu vsego lish paru slov;

ya chasto vstrechayus' s podobnimi rassnzhdeniyami innostrantsev o NAS(Armenii, Rosii, ..i former USSR v tselom).

Priezjayut kakie-to polugramotnie i ogranichenii lyudi (ya ob takix idiotkax vrode toi kotoraya chitala lektsiyu), i schitayut sebya pupom zemli. Chto ONI samie chto ne na est' samie, a mi vrode otstalaya i negramotnaya afrikanskaya respublika....svolochi!

A v chem prichina , znaete?????

Prichina opyat' kroetsya v ekonomike!!!!

Mi proigrali, ONI okazalis' ekonomicheski bolee silnimi, i pobedili nas....mi sidim v ruinax...i nas opyat' topchut!!!

Kak govorili drevnie rimlyani - "O gore pobezhdennomu!"

ya takix lyudei prezirayu! Ni odi inteligentnii, kul'turnii i xotyabi nemnogo etichnii chelovek, ne skazal bi takuyu vesch!!! Pust' posmeli bi skazat' takuyu vesch pri sovetskoi vlasti (kogda mi bili v kakoi to stepeni sil'ni, a mozhet i dazhe ochen' sil'ni) nebos' ne risknuli, trusi!

Nu kak vsegda, xotel dva slova skazat', a chto vishlo

Nu voobschem, pri slucha daite takim zdachi, i pritom xoroshen'ko, chtobi vek pomnili!:[
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