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Whats with all this Neo-Nationalism?
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Default Whats with all this Neo-Nationalism?

Just read an article in Macleans, and seeing as how I am in China, an ex-comrade of the good ol USSR, it peaked my interest.

It talked about Neo-nationalism and how Russians now adays, didnt want Eastern Europeans in their country.

Wasnt it the USSR that brought so many in? Wasnt it Russia's past that made it so easy for Eastern Europeans to get into the country? Didnt you claim that all of those countries were yours?

And now, your like, sorry, parties over.........go back to the bloc?

Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to be rude, I am just wondering how this neo-nationalism can be justified by those people that beleive in it?

Any thoughts comrades?

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r u chinese?

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