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Sunday, July 20, 2008
Once upon a time I was a fascist and didn't know it. The first time someone pointed that out to me, I thought,what the hell does he know? There is a tendency in all of us to believe that which is to our advantage and to disbelieve or ignore that which is against us. If someone tells us we are smart, we think, sure, why not? But if someone tells us we are dumb or even not as smart as we think we are, that's when the excrement hits the ventilator.
Can a victim of fascism be a fascist, or the victim of a racist be a racist? When a Canadian critic with a German name, in his review of my first book, called me a racist, I thought, the damn fool is projecting.
If you can't trust your father, or schoolteacher, or parish priest, whom can you trust? Very probably this misconception or misplaced trust has created more fascists than Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Idi Amin Dada combined.
Can a victim of fascism be a fascist? As nationalists, we don't think of ourselves as victims of fascism. We think of ourselves as victims of Turks, Kurds, Russians, or Azeris. But a fascist is a fascist regardless of nationality, in the same way that “a bourgeois is a bourgeois regardless of nationality” (Lenin), a Neanderthal is a Neanderthal, a skinhead is a skinhead, a hoodlum is a hoodlum, and a dealer in chauvinist crapola is a dealer in verbal manure, and the fact that the ordure happens to be of Armenian origin doesn't make its stench more bearable.
How to recognize a fascist? If you express an honest opinion and you are verbally abused, he is a fascist. Whenever that happens to me, I count my blessings. In another time and place, I think, he would have me shot or do the shooting himself, and get a medal for it, or a raise in pay “for services rendered to the Fatherland.” Heil Hitler! Mussolini ha sempre ragione (Mussolini is always right). Gott mit uns (God with us). Finally, if he speaks in the name of God only to legitimize his ignorance, intolerance, hatred, and criminal conduct, he is a fascist.
Monday, July 21, 2008
In his effort to assert his brand of superior patriotism, he exposes himself as a scumbag, and he is too full of himself to realize what's happening – and when I say too full of himself I mean of course too full of something else...
A bishop will define it as a belief system in which God and His representatives on earth play a central role. A benefactor will define it as a system in which Capital is God. A political boss will define it as a system in which the Party (namely, himself) is both God and Capital. It follows, in the eyes of some we will all be guilty of treason and deserve to fry.
If in doubt be assertive on the grounds that the average dupe or ignoramus judges the reliability of an opinion by the degree of assertiveness it is made. If you suspect your adversary knows better, be aggressive on the grounds that if he is half as smart he will have enough sense not to tangle with you.
Raymond Chandler: “Where the money is, so will the jackals gather.”
Tuesday,July 22, 2008
May I take the liberty to remind some of my not-so-gentle readers that dialogue consists in assertion or thesis, contradiction or antithesis, and synthesis, and not – repeat, not!, definitely verboten – in kicking in the balls of your adversary, gouging his eyes out, and dancing on his grave.
If I ever decide to write a book on Armenian fascism, all I have to do is visit an Armenian discussion forum on the Internet and quote from it by way of illustration.
The hardest thing for an Armenian to understand is that supporting a regime of blood****ers has absolutely nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with cowardly and blind subservience.
There is talk here in Canada about passing a law against anonymous bullying on the Internet. If that happens, most Armenian discussion forums will go out of business, and I for one will not mourn their passing.
Since as an Armenian writer I work for nothing, there are those who think I would be more than willing to work for minimum wage, and they are taken aback when I insult them.
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
When no one comments on what I write, I feel ignored, dejected, depressed.
When even a single reader takes it upon himself to verbally abuse me,
I feel much better.
When, on those very rare occasions,
two or more readers insult me,
I think I've got it made
and any better I couldn't stand.
Writing for Armenians is a sensation
akin to swimming in a Brazilian river
teeming with toothless piranhas.
They may be toothless
but they have the memory of elephants.
A toothless dog barks from a distance.
If you have a choice between fighting
a fully-armed knight on horseback
and a loud-mouth woman,
choose the knight.
When you go to war, pray once.
When you cross the ocean, pray twice.
When you take a wife,
pray three times.
A coward takes revenge by slicing a watermelon.
He who speaks the truth bears many scars.

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