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Thursday, May 10, 2012
Men are seduced by lies,
communities divided, and
nations torn by war
because of the arrogance, greed, and stupidity of the 1%.
Remember that next time you see someone
speechifying, sermonizing and pretending to know
something you don’t know,
all the while doing his utmost to cover up the fact that
compared to what he doesn’t know,
what he knows is as nothing.
Saturday, May 12, 2012
You will never see an imam
arguing with a bishop?
They know better…
To be brainwashed means to believe
your convictions are your own not someone else’s.
To be brainwashed means to believe
your dogmas are god-given certainties
and someone else’s dogmas are fabrications of the devil.
To be brainwashed means to speak in the name of god
even when you do the devil’s work.
To be brainwashed means to be absolutely right
even when you are catastrophically wrong.
To be brainwashed means to believe
you sit at the right hand of god
and those who are against you
are in cahoots with the devil.
To be brainwashed means to believe you are blessed,
unlike the riffraff who bear the mark of Cain.
Homo sapiens?
Don’t make me laugh!
It is the wisest among us that are damn fools.
Saturday, May 12, 2012
We don’t mind doing a thousand things
(sermonizing, speechifying, lamenting, praying, begging, protesting, and so on)
but we refuse to do the one thing that must be done.
We are divided and dysfunctional because
we don’t have a constitution that makes consensus a must.
America is very probably the most divided nation on earth.
What makes it a nation,
as opposed to a collection of unruly tribes,
is a constitution of which they are rightly proud.
Instead of a single constitution
we have several each with its own mafia
pretending to have truth and god on its side.
As for our pundits, academics, and ghazetajis
who ought to know better:
they prefer to speak of what the Turks did to us
a hundred years ago
and to cover up what we have been doing to ourselves
for two thousand years.
They behave like running dogs
who know their master
but not their master’s master.

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